The largest official Pumpkin in the United States in 2013

The latest report:

It looks like 2011's largest pumpkin is.....still being found!

2012 had a record year (every year seems to get bigger).

2010 had a record breaker: Chris Stevens of New Richmond, Wi. brought his 1810.5 pound pumpkin, to the Stillwater Harvest fest in Stillwater, Minnesota, on October 9, 2010.

2009 was also new World Record 1725 lbs. Fox News Atlanta reports "Christy Harp of Jackson Township, Ohio, holds the new world record with a 1,725-pound pumpkin. She won first place at the Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers annual weigh-off Saturday and took home the $2,500 first prize, up from 1669 lbs in 2008.

So for 4 years in a row, the pumpkins were progressively larger each year!!  So much for the effects of heat, drought and global warming on pumpkins!

Despite heavy rains that stunt pumpkin growth, a Rhode Island farmer sets what could be a world record for pumpkins.  Ron Wallace's pumpkin comes in at 1,502 pounds at a weigh-off, well beyond the 2005 Guinness World Record mark of 1,469 pounds.

(in AZ Republic news Mon October 8, 2006)

And in 2004 it was measured on October 11th, 2004 in Half Moon Bay, California at 1229 pounds (about 560 kg).  The owner received $5 per pound for it and the seeds will be sold off!

They're getting bigger every year!