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Teenager's Trick or Treating Tips and Guide!

Teenager's Halloween Tips for Safety and Fun!

Tips for Teenager's Trick or TreatingFentenyl looks like sweet tarts candy

  1. Fentanyl: With the news about Fentanyl made to look like candy, the most important tip is do not allow your children to eat any candy which is not in its original (and intact) wrapper!
  2. Age limits - Some neighborhoods may have age limits for trick-or-treaters, so be aware of and follow these guidelines. It starts to get creepy when 6 ft tall guys are trick or treating - UNLESS you have your younger brother or sister(s) with you!  Then people think you're really sweet!
  3. No late Trick or treating - most neighborhoods stop at 9 pm, some at 8 pm and very few go up til 10 pm. Don't go after 9 pm!  Some crazy old homeowner may think you are a burglar and shoot at you!!! It has happened!
  4. Lights:  Wear or carry led lights both to avoid tripping and for cars to help see them
  5. Take care crossing streets - Cross the street at corners, look left, right and left again when crossing and keep looking as you cross. Avoid stepping out between parked vehicles. Don't goof around and push your friends into the street!
  6. Don't text and walk!
  7. Stick to sidewalks - rocks, tree stumps, holes and dog poo await on the lawns!
  8. Look out for your brothers and sisters. Even older children should stick to familiar areas that are well lit and trick-or-treat in groups, and the buddy system!
  9. Make sure the masks allow good visibility.  You may want to cut out larger eye holes or use non-toxic makeup as safer alternatives.
  10. Non-flammable - Check labels that costumes, wigs, and accessories are flame resistant.
  11. Make sure sword, cane, or stick costume accessories are not not sharp or long. Or too realistic! NO REALISTIC LOOKING WEAPONS< ESPECIALLY GUNS
  12. Never enter a stranger’s home.
  13. Check before eating -  Always check your candy - don't eat anying that is not sealed in the original package!.
  14. Driving - Pay attention - If you are driving during Halloween, make sure you use extreme caution while on the roadways.
  15. Dress appropriately for the weather - wearing the right clothing under costumes.
  16. This page has more tips!

Hype and Hysteria?

According to a university professor who researched it, no child has ever been killed or seriously harmed by poisoned candies or fruit. Still, times change and there are plenty of sicko's out there; following the tips above should keep everyone safe!

Halloween Costumes

Here are some of the most popular Halloween costumes for children this year. For more choices, see our Halloween costumes pages.

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