Bulk & Wholesale Pumpkins for Sale -
How to Organize and Arrange a Pumpkin Sale as a Church or Scout Fund Raiser

It's easy to organize a pumpkin patch fundraiser, if you can find pumpkins. This page will help you find a pumpkin grower / supplier. They appear to be in good supply in many parts of the U.S. in 2014, although some areas are experiencing crop failures due to too much rain and the fungus it brings.  Big Box stores like Wal-Mart, Lowes and Home Depot buy up much of the crop early in the season by placing farmers under contract for their crops, so by August and September, it can be a challenge to find bulk quantities. 

This page list those farmers who have indicated that they have some pumpkins to sell. These are the ONLY farms I know of that have pumpkins to sell in bulk.  Whether the price and location meets your needs, I cannot say.  I can say that I know of no farms that have pumpkins to donate.  You may have a very worthy cause, but I'm sure feeding their own families is a worthy cause to them, too. The crop is their livelihood. It's not like pumpkin farmers are wealthy.

Volunteers are an important part of a Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser. Whether you're planning a one-weekend event or a month-long pumpkin festival, well-organized volunteers are a key success-ingredient and VolunteerSpot.com makes it easy to coordinate the help you need quickly and easily!  Let VolunteerSpot.com help with this important piece.

I've found some wholesale pumpkin growers who can supply pumpkins for fundraisers! See the list below, then contact the farm directly, if you'd like to order some for your fund raiser! And there is an organization "PumpkinUSA" that coordinates getting pumpkins for church fundraisers with no money upfront, with pumpkins grown on a Navajho Indian reservation in New Mexico. You can reach them by email at pumpkinpatch@pumpkinsusa.com.

And if you are a farmer who has any wholesale pumpkins you want to ship and sell in October, write me!!!! And for business opportunities and resources for farms, see this page.

Bulk Pumpkin Suppliers / Wholesale Pumpkin Growers

Below is a list of pumpkin growers who are able to meet some of the demand for pumpkins for fund raisers in 2013. They do not have pumpkins to donate; they raise them for a living. Unless it says they can ship, they expect you to come to the farm to pick them up. Take a look down the list and contact the farm if one of the interests you. Be sure to tell them that you heard about them here!

If there aren't any farms below near you, fear not.   Most of the big box stores (Wal-Mart, Kmart, Lowes, etc.) have a huge supply. Small quantities ( under 800 lbs of pumpkins - about 40 or 50 pumpkins) are generally hard to supply direct from the farms - the economics generally doesn't justify shipping pumpkins orders that small, unless the farm is local to you and you can pick them up or arrange shipping yourself. 

At least one company offers transportation services for pumpkins you locate elsewhere.

Nationally - delivery anywhere in the United States:

Regional and local bulk quantity pumpkins - you arrange to pick them up, unless the listing says they can deliver:



Southern California

Butte County

Fresno County

San Luis Obispo County

Stanislaus County


Weld County




Walton County


Cass County


Clark County

Hamilton County





Daviess County

Graves County

Knox County

Rowan County

Russell County




Lenawee County

Monroe County

Ottawa County



Clinton County

Franklin County

Greene County

Lawrence County

Perry County

St. Francois County



Cass County

New Hampshire

New Mexico

New York

Also see Patterson Farms in Massachusetts

Cayuga County

Herkimer County

Schoharie County

Washington County

North Carolina


Delaware County

Jackson County

Miami County

Portage County 

Sandusky County


Grady County


Marion County

Washington County



South Carolina


Lincoln County

Rutherford County

    Weakley County





Culpeper County

Giles County

City of Suffolk

Washington State

Kittitas County


Transportation Services




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